Hornitos – Añejo Tequila

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With delicate notes and spices, you can taste the rich history in every sip of Hornitos Anejo Tequila. Aged in American white oak barrels for at least a year, Anejo has a smoother, more complex flavor and a distinctive amber color. Intense aromas of chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, dried fruit and toasted wood give way to a unique blend on the palate and a strong agave nectar flavor finishing slightly dry. Deep, rich, and complex, this tequila is excellent when savored neat in a snifter or in a Manhattan. Hailing from Tequila, Jalisco in Mexico, Hornitos Tequila (named after the “little ovens” used to roast agave) was introduced to the world in 1950 by founder Don Francisco Javier Sauza in honor of Mexican Independence Day.