Añejo Tequila Delivery

What is añejo tequila?

Añejo is all about that oak. For a tequila to qualify as an añejo, it must be aged at least one year in an oak barrel, though most añejos age between one and three years (if it’s aged longer than three years, it’s referred to as an “extra añejo”).

The wood imparts notes of vanilla and spices, rendering añejo a very cozy and highly sippable tequila; generally speaking, this rich and decadent spirit is intended to stand on its own and sipped neat rather than mixed into a cocktail (though you do you, slugger). The barrel aging also gives añejo a darker, amber hue. It’s quite a stark—and delicious—departure from its more ubiquitous sibling, blanco tequila.

What’s the best way to drink añejo tequila?

Think of añejo like a nice, rich bourbon; with all that complexity, it’s really meant to be enjoyed neat so you can appreciate the full spectrum of its flavors. But if you’re really keen on mixing up a cocktail that features añejo, the same still applies: a good bourbon cocktail recipe highlights the warm, rich, baking spice & vanilla-y notes, and thus swapping out bourbon for añejo if you’re partial to tequila is a pretty smooth move.

Can I get añejo tequila delivery?

You bet. Saucey delivers the best añejo tequilas straight to your doorstep ASAP. Create an account on the Saucey delivery app or at saucey.com and you’ll be sippin on the good stuff before you know it.

Saucey’s favorite añejo tequilas: