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Everything You Need To Know About Flavored Whiskey

Honey Jack, Fireball - you know the kind. While different from that of flavored vodka or rum, the flavoring of whiskey relies on its own flavor profile to emphasize certain notes. Since whiskey is a little sweet and smokey, the added flavor must be caramel, vanilla, earthy, sweet, or spicy.

What is flavored whiskey made from?

Flavored whiskey goes through the same process as regular whiskey (fermenting and distilling grains, then set aside to age in a wooden cask.) After the aging, they are then infused with a certain flavor profile like honey, apple, or cinnamon.

How do you drink flavored whiskey?

In this case, taking a shot of flavored whiskey works well. The flavor itself smooths the part of the whiskey that can make your throat burn. If you’re not a shots kind of person, we recommend enjoying it over ice or adding it into a cocktail.

Can I get flavored whiskey delivered?

Duh! That’s our whole thing. Add your favorite flavored whiskey to your cart and we’ll handle the rest.

What are the best flavored whiskeys?

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is the perfect addition of spice or autumn to the right cocktails and mixers. We also love Crown Royal Regal Apple, just add lemon-lime soda for something truly amazing.