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Alcohol delivery and so much more. Get beer, wine, spirits, mixers, tobacco and more delivered in minutes.

How to get Saucey in Sacramento

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    Avoiding the liquor store starts with pairing you to the menu for your SAC neighborhood.

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    All of the beer, wine, mixers, tobacco, and snacks you love, delivered to your doorstep in minutes.

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    ASAP or scheduled delivery & no order minimums. Ever.

Best alcohol delivery service in Sacramento

Why Saucey is the best alcohol delivery service in Sacramento

Beer, wine, liquor, spirits, tobacco, mixers, ice, snacks, supplies—Saucey delivers everything you need to your Sacramento neighborhood in minutes. Whether you’re looking to relax at home, order drinks to the office, reup supplies at a party, or send alcohol to a friend, Saucey’s alcohol delivery app is a fast, easy, convenient way to get the drinks you want on demand. We partner with local retailers near you in SAC to ensure the best selection and fastest delivery. Just think of the Saucey app as your personal assistant who’s only in charge of the most important of tasks: getting alcohol delivered straight to your doorstep ASAP.

No order minimums and ASAP or Scheduled Delivery

Whether you’re stocking up for a full-on party or you’ve got an unignorable craving for a 40 and a bag of chips, we’ve got you covered. There are no order minimums on our alcohol delivery app and it’s buzzed-proof (a.k.a. extremely easy & convenient). Choose from fast, ASAP on-demand delivery or schedule your order up to 7 days in advance. Out of ice at the end of the night? Saucey it. Need a pack of cigarettes after a long day at work? Saucey it. Get through that last six pack faster than you expected? Saucey another one. Want to send a single Smirnoff Ice to your college roommate two days from now? Saucey it. Our app is the fastest, easiest way to get alcohol, snacks and supplies delivered in Sacramento

Fast delivery for snacks, ice & supplies, too

In addition to offering a huge variety of beer, wine, and spirits for delivery in Sacramento, Saucey delivers pretty much anything else you might need for an excellent time—cookies, candy, chips, cigarettes, mixers, ice, vapes, ice cream, and other tobacco products. Whatever you might anticipate needing before, during, or after sipping on your favorite beer, wine or cocktail, just toss it in your cart and we’ll deliver it all to your front door in minutes.

Easy, fast & convenient alcohol delivery app

The Saucey app is available for both iOS and Android and offers the easiest, fastest way to get alcohol delivery in SAC. Create an account within minutes, pick out your favorite beer, wine, alcohol, mixers and snacks. Mere minutes after that, the whole shebang will show up at your front door. Our easy-to-use app ensures you can get the drinks you want delivered to your Sacramento neighborhood right when you need it. If you’re more of an internet-browser type, you can always place an order on the Saucey website, too, which offers the same great selection, no order minimums, and fast delivery.


Where can I get alcohol delivery with Saucey?

Saucey delivers beer, wine, spirits, mixers and snacks all over Sacramento. Check out our Sacramento coverage map or create an account and enter your zip code to confirm we deliver to your SAC neighborhood. If you’re not yet in our delivery zone, be sure to check back for updates; we’re constantly expanding.

How does alcohol delivery work on the Saucey app?

We partner with local retailers in your Sacramento neighborhood to ensure we’re able to deliver the beer, wine, spirits, mixers and snacks you need as quickly as possible. After you place your order on the Saucey app, a courier is dispatched to one of our partner retail locations, where they pick up your order and deliver it to you ASAP. Payment is collected at the time you place your order, and your courier will scan your ID when he or she drops off your goodies. After the order is complete, you have the option of adding a tip for your driver through the app or website.

What are Saucey’s hours for alcohol delivery?

You can use the Saucey app to get alcohol delivered to your Sacramento neighborhood between the hours of 10 a.m. to 1:30 a.m., though hours may vary slightly depending on your location. You can also schedule future deliveries or send gifts through the Saucey app.

Does Saucey deliver cigarettes and tobacco products?

Yes! Saucey delivers cigarettes, vapes, cigars, and more! We deliver pretty much anything your liquor store has to offer.

How do I pay for alcohol delivery on the Saucey app?

All transactions are completed through the Saucey app or through our website at the time you place your order. We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Tips for your courier can be added via the app or website after your order has been completed.

Sacramento Coverage Map

Neighborhoods We Deliver To

  • Arden-Arcade
  • Carmichael
  • Downtown
  • East Sacramento
  • El Monte
  • Land Park
  • Tahoe Park
  • West Sacramento
  • Woodlake
  • Broderick, Bryte
  • Willow Creek
  • Rio Tierra
  • Natomas Estates Park
  • Gateway West
  • Metro Center
  • Gateway Center
  • Natomas Corporate Center
  • South Natomas
  • Natomas
  • Sundance Lake
  • Westlake, Creekside
  • North Natomas
  • Natomas Park
  • Village 7
  • Regency Park
  • Village 12
  • Village 5
  • Valleyview Acres
  • Village 14
  • Northpointe
  • Glenwood Meadows
  • North Sacramento
  • Norwood Tech
  • Johnson Heights
  • Oak Knoll
  • Strawberry Manor
  • Willis Acres
  • Noralto
  • Old North Sacramento
  • River Garden
  • Northgate
  • American River Parkway
  • Southern Pacific/Richards

ZIP Codes We Deliver To

  • 95828
  • 95826
  • 95827
  • 95824
  • 95820
  • 95823
  • 95691
  • 95612
  • 95831
  • 95822
  • 95832
  • 95817
  • 95818
  • 95819
  • 95816
  • 95811
  • 95815
  • 95814
  • 95605
  • 95618
  • 95833
  • 95834
  • 95835
  • 95838
  • 95673
  • 95652
  • 95660
  • 95821
  • 95608
  • 95825
  • 95864
  • 95670
  • 95662
  • 95746
  • 95628
  • 95630
  • 95664
  • 95762
  • 95683
  • 95742
  • 95837
  • 33559
  • 33647
  • 33549
  • 33613
  • 33618
  • 33548
  • 33556
  • 33624
  • 33625
  • 33612
  • 33614
  • 33604
  • 33603
  • 33634
  • 33615
  • 33607
  • 33609
  • 33629
  • 33611
  • 33606
  • 33602
  • 33610
  • 33605
  • 33619
  • 33617
  • 33620
  • 33637
  • 33635
  • 33626
  • 95610
  • 95621
  • 95661
  • 95648
  • 95663
  • 95650
  • 95677
  • 95765
  • 95678
  • 95747
  • 95842
  • 95841
  • 95843

Alcohol delivery on demand.

Beer, wine, spirits, mixers, snacks, —you name it, we’ll deliver it. Whether you’re couch-bound and in the mood for a beer or picnicking in McKinley Park and in need of some rosé, there’s no order minimum and delivery is always free. From Midtown to East Sac, the steps of the Capitol to Land Park, downtown to Curtis Park, we’ve got you covered, Sac. Let us know what you’re in the mood for, and then post up and enjoy that Delta breeze while you catch those Kings come this close to winning a ring. We’ll see you soon.

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