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Everything You Need To Know About Brandy & Cognac

What if we told you brandy and cognac were not only some of the oldest spirits in the world, but they’re actually made from grapes? It’s true. Brandy and cognac are just white wines that are then aged for a minimum of 2 years. Simple and delicious.

What’s the difference between brandy & cognac?

Similar to champagne and sparkling wine, the only difference between brandy and cognac is that cognac has to be made in the Cognac, France, while brandy can be made anywhere you want.

How do you drink brandy & cognac?

We’re not here to tell you what you can or can’t do, but drinking brandy and cognac neat or with ice is the way to go. Don’t get us wrong, brandy and cognac have their place in cocktails - but diluting it too much could take away some of the great aromas it has naturally. That being said, if you want to enhance the chocolate and floral notes - add some ice or cola ASAP.

Do brandy & cognac get better with age?

Unfortunately, no. The moment it’s bottled, the aging will stop. But the good part is, you can save it for like...a really long time.

Can I get brandy & cognac delivery?

Absolutely. You don’t even have to move, really. Let us know which brandy or cognac you desire and let us do the rest. Hang tight.

What are the best brandy & cognacs?

In the cognac category, we say go with either Remy Martin 1738 or Hennessey. When it comes down to Brandy, you can’t do better for the price than E & J.