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Beer - Stout

Stout beer is thick and dark and delicious, just like chocolate milk. It’s made by roasting malt or barley, and it’s basically the chocolate milk of the beer world: it tastes amazing but it’s easy to drink too much of it. Stout beers pair well with foods, particularly heart foods like red meat and potatoes. They also work well as a sipping beer, but not so much for periods of sustained drinking.

What Does Stout Beer Taste Like?

Stout beer actually comes in a lot of different styles.

Dry Stout beer is the most common type of stout beer, and was Irelands answer to overly sweet stouts of the UK.

Imperial Stout is a strong dark stout brewed in Russia, known for its high ABV.

Milk Stout tends to be the sweetest and creamiest of the bunch.

What’s the Difference Between a Stout and a Porter?

Technically, there aren’t really any differences between Stout beer and Porter. Originally, the term stout was used to described the stoutest porters in a brew with the highest alcohol content. So basically, stout beers are super-porters. The most well known stout is of course the Guinness Draft, preferred for it’s smooth, rich flavor.