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Everything You Need To Know About Mixers

*Looks wistfully up at the sky* Ohh, mixers. Where would our college years be without you? Or honestly, where would we ever be without you? I think we can all agree that knowing there’s a quick and easy way to make any drink better is maybe the best adulthood hack of all time. Why? Your options are literally endless.

What are mixers?

May we one-up you and simply ask, what aren’t they? Mixers are the key to modern drinking. They’re non-alcoholic drinks or syrups that are mixed into your drink or cocktail, and we love them for it. Mixers can make your drink sweeter or more savory, and they also dilute and lower the ABV of your drink. (thank you mixer - we see you.) Short answer: mixers are lifesavers.

What are typical mixers?

There are far too many, but these are some of the most popular at Saucey:

  • Club soda: This is great if you want a cleaner drink. Mix with literally any liquor and it gives you the bubbles you’re looking for and dilutes your drink the perfect amount.
  • Soda (coke, sprite, ginger ale etc.): The classic. You’ve heard of a jack and Coke and whiskey ginger. It makes the alcohol go down easier and let’s face it, soda is tasty.
  • Orange Juice: A must add to champagne, sparkingly wine, or tequila.
  • Tomato Juice: The face of the hair of the dog, the bloody mary is the truest hangover cure. Vodka + Tomato juice + whatever you want for brunch = the perfect start to your Saturday.

Any juice: Seriously.

Can I get mixers delivered?

Yeah, you can. We’re ready to save your night, just let us know what mixer you want to be delivered, and we’ll come running.

What are the best mixers?

With mixers, the beauty is in the tastebuds of the drinker. But a prepared host wouldn’t be caught dead without some Coca Cola, Canada Dry Tonic Water, and/or Bundaberg Ginger Beer on hand.