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Everything You Need to Know about Belgian Strong Ales

Belgian strong ale is a pale gold beer, with lots of head, plenty of flavor and an ABV to earn its name. While an average brew has an ABV of around 5%, Belgian strong ales are usually 8% or higher.

Are there dark Belgian strong ales?

While Belgian strong ale often refers to pale ales, there are also Belgian dark strong ales. Just like traditional Belgian dark ales, they taste like strong dark malt with fruity flavors. Just like strong pale ales, they feature a higher ABV without much impact on flavor or clarity. Cheers to the Belgians 🍻

What does Belgian strong ale taste like?

Belgian strong ale is known for it’s soft, supple body (which is a good thing in beer). It’s usually brewed with more than one variant of yeast, which gives it a unique spice. It also goes through a lengthy fermentation and aging process that leaves it delightfully foamy. A mellow, dry beer, you’ll be surprised to find that many variants end with a sweet aftertaste. Dessert beer, anyone?

Can I get Belgian strong ale delivery?

Put away that passport, because you can get Belgian Strong Ale delivered to your door in minutes. Find Saucey in your city here.

What’s the best Belgian strong ale?

We love Victory Golden Monkey Tripel. They’re a brand known for high ABVs and incredible taste. But with any higher quality types of beer, we always suggest trying a bunch to figure out what best agrees with you.