White Wine Delivery

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How is white wine made?

Hang on to your hats for this one: White wine can be made out of lighter-colored grape varieties or red/purple varieties. That’s because unlike red wine, which is the result of grape juice fermenting alongside the skins, grape juice that ferments into white wine is removed from its skins right away.

That being said, white wines do tend to come from green-ish or yellow-ish grape varieties, though pinot grigio is one example where a darker-skinned grape is used to produce a white wine.

Generally speaking, white wines ferment at cooler temperatures than red wines and aren’t really meant to be aged like red wines are. They’re also meant to be consumed cold. Room-temp white wine is...not chill.

What are the different kinds of white wine?

There are a whole bunch of varieties, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll stick to the most popular ones: chardonnay, riesling, pinot grigio/pinot gris, chenin blanc, sauvignon blanc, gewürztraminer, and muscat/moscato.

Is white wine dry or sweet?

It very much depends! “Dry” describes a wine that has low levels of residual sugar, a.k.a. the naturally occurring sweetness in grape juice that is turned into alcohol during the fermentation process. When someone wants a dry white wine, chances are they’ll end up with a sauvignon blanc or a pinot grigio.

Someone in search of a sweetish white wine might pick up a bottle of riesling or gewürztraminer to pair with some spicy foods, or if you’re looking for something even sweeter, moscato will do the trick.

There are a number of other attributes commonly thrown around when it comes to white wine, like chardonnays that are “oaky,” “buttery,” and “creamy.” Or sauv blanc that is “crisp,” “minerally,” and “grassy.”

Can I get white wine delivery?

You know it. That white wine deliciousness you’ve been craving can be on your doorstep ASAP. Pick out a bottle of sauv blanc for a backyard BBQ or hunker down with a rich chardonnay alongside a decadent pasta dish. Saucey’s got you covered.

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