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How do you order whiskey online?

You can order whiskey online by using the Saucey app or website. First, choose your whiskey, then enter your delivery address, opt for ASAP whiskey delivery or schedule a time that works for you. And just like that: you’ve ordered whiskey online.

Where is online whiskey delivery allowed in the United States?

Online whiskey delivery is allowed in almost every state except for a few. It’s currently not legal in Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, and Kentucky, while Rhode Island and Delaware have some restrictions. But most states allow for online whiskey delivery and Saucey delivers to most major American cities and outlying areas.

How do you send a bottle of whiskey to someone?

You can send a bottle of whiskey super easily with Saucey—it’s the best online whiskey delivery service in the biz. Simply browse Saucey’s whiskey gifts section, select the bottle of whiskey you’d like to send, and select the “send as a gift” option at checkout. From there, you’ll get further instructions on how to utilize our online whiskey delivery service so you can send a bottle to someone as a gift.

Can Saucey deliver a fifth of whiskey?

Yes, Saucey can absolutely deliver a fifth of whiskey—a fifth of whiskey tends to be the most common size bottle available for online whiskey delivery, though there are options for larger bottles as well. Choose from the best whiskey brands such as Bulleit, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Wild Turkey, Oban, Jack Daniel’s, Maker’s Mark, Jameson, and Four Roses on Saucey.

What are the best brands of whiskey?