Reposado Tequila Delivery

What is reposado tequila?

A thing you may not know unless you speak Spanish or took at least two years in high school: “reposado” means “rested.” Whereas blanco/silver tequilas are bottled straight after the distillation process and do not see any aging, and añejo tequilas are aged in oak barrels between one and three years, reposado is the Goldilocks: aged, but not for long.

Reposado is typically aged between two months to a year in oak. The end result is a tequila that’s a little softer and smoother than a bright, grassy blanco, but not quite as curvacious and warm as an añejo.

Are reposado and añejo tequila the same thing?

They are not. Think of añejo as reposado’s mature older sister; generally speaking, reposado spends half the time aging; as such, it’s still got some of that smoothness of añejo, but it also maintains some of the sharp crispness of a blanco or silver tequila.

What’s the best way to drink reposado tequila?

Reposado is a true middle child—complex enough to be sipped neat, but versatile enough to be the backbone in a tequila-based cocktail. Give it a whirl in a margarita or paloma, or go in for a bottle of the good stuff if you’re looking to sip on some tequila neat.

Can I get reposado tequila for delivery?

Yes, you can! Simply create an account Saucey, either on the web or by downloading the Saucey alcohol delivery app for iOS or Android. Then, pick out a reposado tequila that strikes your fancy and we’ll deliver it in minutes.

And psst: We deliver margarita mix, limes, chips & salsa, too.

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