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Beer - IPA

If you’ve had a craft beer in the last decade, you’ve had an IPA. IPAs are currently the most popular beer in America, and they’re one of the most brewed craft beers of all time. IPA stands for India Pale Ale, which was originally brewed from a pale malt and shipped from the East India Company, where it got it’s name. IPAs are known for their high alcohol content and strong, earthy aromas, just like Lil’ Wayne.

What Does An IPA Taste Like?

Even though IPAs are popular, they’re not for everyone. Novice beer drinkers tend to be turned off by the the bitter flavor and strong hoppy aftertaste. People usually call IPAs an ""advanced beer” or describe them as “complex.” Just like everything else you’re not allowed to have as a kid, it’s an acquired taste.

American IPAs

American IPAs have a very distinctive flavor from the American hops, but even within the US, the flavors change from coast to coast. East coast IPAs tend to taste more malty, which helps counteract all the hops, whereas West Coast IPAs double down and go for full-on hops overload. The West Coast is also known for brewing “Double IPAs” that are richer and stronger than traditional pale ales, while the East Coast is known for adding fruity, floral flavors to their beer.